The Spanish-Finnish Seminar in Legal Theory



Prior Notice of The Spanish-Finnish Seminar in Legal Theory and prior Call for Papers

The Law School of the University of Eastern Finland as the organizer of the seminar in co-operation with the University of Alicante announces the Spanish-Finnish seminar in legal theory which will take place in Joensuu (Finland) on 30th June - 2nd July in 2016.

 The theme of the seminar will be “Present and Future of Legal Philosophy”.

 This is a preliminary call for papers about current issues in legal theory and philosophy and participation in the seminar for all scholars of legal theory and philosophy. Further and more detailed information will be provided later by the organizer and on the websites of the law school of the University of Eastern Finland:

 Professor Matti Ilmari Niemi           Professor Manuel Atienza

University of Eastern Finland           University of Alicante               


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